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Coco Kokeshi Doll by Lucie Kaas, a fine wood doll inspired by the famous French fashion designer. Also available in Large version.


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For the Sketch.inc for Lucie Kaas collection, Danish designer Becky Kemp was inspired by ancient Japanese "kokeshi" dolls, true works of art that tell stories of the past and tradition. Created from a single piece of fine wood, crafted and painted by hand, the style of these dolls is unmistakable and demonstrates how with just a few simple lines it is possible to create aesthetically striking design objects. The thin, cylindrical body serves as a base for the head, which is round and larger than the figure, to enhance the character's face, which is also made with stylized lines. Kokeshi Doll includes some of history's greatest figures and past artists in the fields of fashion, art, and music who have become true fashion and style icons. Designed by Becky Kemp Material: superba schima Dimensions: H 14.5 cm Dimensions large: 21,5 cm



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