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Elton in White, Elton in Pink and Elton USA, fine wooden dolls inspired by the great Sir Elton John. Elton in White and Elton in Pink are also available in Large versions. 


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In addition to being a Grammy-winning legend and one of the world's best-selling pop artists for 50 years, Sir Elton John is famous for his flamboyant outfits, which have surprised and delighted fans time after time. 

Elton in White celebrates the iconic feather-covered white dress in a photo shoot at his home in 1974.

Elton in Pink depicts the sparkling pink dress worn during his performance on the "Muppet Show" in 1977.

Elton USA is an homage to the look, depicting the American flag, sported in 1976 during the London leg of the "Louder Than Concorde Tour." 

The Sketch.inc for Lucie Kaas collection includes some of the greatest legends and icons from the worlds of fashion, art, music and culture. The collection is growing season by season and the dolls are making a name for themselves in the world of design collecting. They are perfect as gifts or as an original decorative element in the contemporary home.

Material: superba schima

Dimensions: 14.5 cm 

Dimensions large: H 21,5 cm 


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