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CHIRP is a unique alarm clock that combines cutting-edge light and sound technology with traditional craftsmanship.


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DAQICONCEPT INC. was founded in July 2015 by a team of Product Designers in Taiwan. In Chinese, the name "DAQI" means taking time to become great and grow, which emphasizes that the best things in life take time and experience. Daqi Concept combines traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology to create beautiful objects that appeal to a modern lifestyle. 

CHIRP wakes you up with a gentle virtual sunrise and the sounds of nature via the DAQIChirp App. It is compatible with Apple and Android devices. 

Download the DAQIChirp App available on the App Store and Google Play to set your preferences. 

The sounds and alarm clocks you prefer are synchronized via Bluetooth audio transmission. 

Chirp thus promotes healthy, interference-free sleep and is designed to be placed securely next to the bed. Different sounds can be chosen: from birdsong, to calming waves, to the crackling of fire; all designed to relax and detach the mind from the stresses of urban life.

Material: porcelain bird and marble base

Size: h 210 x w 91 x l 91 cm

Weight: 400 g


Input 5V1A



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